Conversations 2020

You can never hope to become a skilled conversationalist until you learn how to put your foot tactfully through the television set

M. Dale Baughman

The plethora of 24/7 news and fake news which instantly appears in front of all today would at any other time in history have bewildered even the most learned amongst us.

Up until the Covid-19 pandemic which now spatially isolates us all, we had more and more ways of connecting via social media, yet due to the pace of life, seemingly less and less time to get together physically. Now, however, we meet daily online and wish we had more time to connect in the real world and not the virtual world.

Perhaps, when restrictions are eased we can build more time in to our days to spend with friends and family, and enjoy the moments instead of the madness.

Personal connection and conversation is so precious for our wellness and well-being, and now after seven weeks of lock-down there is a glimmer of light that we may re-commence togetherness, and with more compassion and empathy towards all.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that we are all in this world together and to live well we need to share information, respect difference, and live peacefully together.

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