Some Days are Diamonds

Today will be a diamond

My sister told me recently, that grief is the price we pay for love, and what a heavy price it is proving to be.

Memories of better days stream through my mind, as the pictures on the wall and the cards and messages from family and friends remind me constantly of how much Nancy meant to me and to Oscar.

Some days are diamonds and some days are stone, yet, we still manage to get through each 24 hours that each day presents.

I look at Oscar and wonder what is in store for him, for he has so much to look forward to. His new home construction is almost complete, and he’ll move in in Mid October, and be excited and perhaps overwhelmed at the extra work and financial changes that come with owning a home. Perhaps he’ll quickly find the ideal partner he deserves, and raise a family, and tell his children stories about his life, his parents and his ambitions and aspirations. I hope so, for they will be very interesting stories.

Our New Family Oscar aged 5What will Nessa think? How will she cope with the changes? So much unconditional love she displays, and I don’t know if dogs feel loss as we do, and if they do they wear it better than I’m doing right now. Nessa still has a regular routine, and I can learn a lot from that.

My favourite thingsI suppose I’m luckier than most, for I’m a Toastmaster with a wide circle of friends here and around the world, and I get invites to visit. I’m a neighbour who knows so many others in my neighbourhood and can hold conversations on a regular basis. I’m a friend with other friends who have suffered similar loss to mine, and where before I could only sympathise, I can now empathise, for I feel what they must have felt at the time and what they are feeling now.

All Pics and Videos on Camera 054I’ve got my work, which allows me the freedom to connect, communicate and maybe influence others to embrace change, take risks and develop better their underutilized human potential, as my mentors did for me. I hope, my work has enabled and influenced others.

Me and Dan on 11 June 2015Finally, I’ve got today-AFL Grand Final Day, here in Victoria at the MCG- and a chance to meet with friends, holler at the TV screen, and forget for a few hours the trials and tribulations, that losing a loved one entails.

Today will be a diamond, and you my friends have helped in it’s creation. Thank you so, so much.

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