My Greek & Roman SPA (Socrates, Plato & Aristotle)

In the workshops I run, on Memory Magic I like to use Mnemonics to help participants to hook ideas.

Mnemosyne was the Greek Goddess of Memory, and one of the ways I teach is to use Memory palaces, first used by Simonides. As a speaker and workshop presenter, memory is very important to me.

I also like philosophy, particularly my SPA Philosophy  and study it frequently. Here is a short passage you might ponder.


Nearly everyone at some time faces the question. What constitutes the good life? Some answer that the good in life is pleasure, others that it is observance of duties and obligations, still others that it is obedience to divine commands. Against all these Socrates had contended that what makes our life good is just being a good person–a virtuous person. Plato agreed though he struggles to find a convincing justification for the idea.

Excerpt from ‘Coffee With Plato’ by Donald R. Moor

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