A Barbecue by the Bay

Wednesday 21st was a fabulous day, and the highlight was definitely the evening, when we held the Frankston Toastmasters Club “Barbecue By The Bay’ Themed first meeting for 2015. Breaking with tradition we invited family and friends to this our first ever open-air meeting, which was a resounding success enjoyed by all.

We were at the Frankston Foreshore, The weather was warm, the camaraderie was contagious, our members and guests enjoyed fabulous food, a little vino and lots of engaging conversation.

It was a Toastmasters meeting like no other; part regular meeting and part demo meeting, where we held our first ever Table Topicsathon. Excellent questions from our Topics Master Joanne, who passed a hat containing questions around and each respondent picked the question out of the hat and responded accordingly. Michael our IPP and AG, gave a very good general evaluation, and the prize for best Table Topic, went to a visitor from Singapore, who has recently moved to our town.

We truly had the International flavour with members and guests from Wales, Scotland, Colombia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

There are many delights to be had in Toastmasters, and this event will surely rate in the top 10.

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