Heat, Wind, Fire & Rain

Saturday was a day where we experienced the worst of conditions with soaring temperatures, high winds and finally, thankfully a cool change and rain.

The Adelaide hills were ablaze and we had 327 fires in Victoria, and some pretty dangerous situations were developing in Hastings, Bittern and Crib point which are townships just a few kilometres from where I live.

Thankfully we were not impacted by this, though I know some of my friends in Adelaide may well have been. The scenes were very upsetting as I was reminded of the awful 1983 Ash Wednesday Bushfires and hoped and prayed that friends and the firemen tackling these fires would be out of harms way.

Australia is a beautiful country but at times like these it is also a menacing one. My heart goes out to those impacted by the fires and hopefully they will abate quickly.




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