Coaching for High Performance

Some people say I’m successful and I can tell you I didn’t arrive at success on my own.

There is a team of coaches and mentors that helped me achieve my success. Success takes time, it takes patience, and it takes understanding. To be successful in any pursuit we must be self aware and responsible for our actions. I had a compelling reason to improve and was passionate about becoming a high performing speaker and workshop facilitator; and now a performance coach.

I read books, attended seminars and spent time with the best. The best saw my potential and mentored, coached and challenged me to stretch, risk, dare, and reach high.

Now I’m nearly there. It’s been a journey of discovery for me and for others. I’ve discovered my abilities. Others have discovered me on my website and social media links, and now I’m asked to Emcee events, lead workshops, conduct webinars and train/coach aspiring speakers.

[slider]How high have you reached? How compelling is your need to improve? What action will you take?[/slider]

Leading a busy though fruitful life requires self awareness, responsibility and a compelling reason to follow your passion.

Everyone can improve with Coaching

If you know the difference between a bus and a coach, you’ll know that a bus can only take you where it goes locally, yet a coach can take you where you want to go, as long as you have goals, are realistic, have options and are willing to act decisively.

High Performance = potential – interference

Everyone has potential, yet not everyone realises it.

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