Ultimate Challenges for me

After watching some of my favourite presenters on YouTube over time, I’ve learned to adapt, adopt and embrace some of their valuable insights into the human condition; especially my own.

Intellectually I’ve understood much of this ‘stuff’ for years, though haven’t always applied it to myself. Now is the time to be more consistent with my approach.

As a speaker, coach and change agent, I have compelling reasons to not sacrifice what matters most for what matters least, which I sometimes do. Giving my time to others is important to me, though at times I get distracted from other pursuits.

Now I will be consistent with all the skills I’ve learned over time and will from this day forward implement the very best practices of Time-management, goal setting, negotiation, and most of all effective communication.

Those things I’ve been putting off, like finishing my ‘From Coal Dust to Gold Dust’ autobiography, editing my Toastmasters Area Contest Speech due on 30th October, and updating my I Can Do Words Website, must take highest priorities for the next 24 days.

Bad habits will cease to be replaced with good daily habits, and I’ll move forward from this day to achieve all I wish to achieve going forward. Time to soar; not to be sore!