Meeting Jim Kokochi – Toastmasters International President

Tuesday 17th May, was a huge day in the Toastmasters calendar for me and the Metro Trains Toastmasters – in formation – club. We were delighted to have Jim and Andrew (CEO Metro Trains), and Bruce Hill , D73 New Clubs Coordinator join us for a fabulous, high energy meeting.

Metro Trains Toastmasters Club was the initiative of Stefan Heaton, a young engineer, who I’d met at a Speechcraft Course in Cranbourne Toastmaster Club, and who introduced Speechcraft to his workplace. I coordinated the course,with my TM colleague and good mate, Harry Lew, and out of it, Metro Trains Toastmasters, sponsored by Frankston Toastmasters and Sunbury/Macedon Ranges Toastmasters Clubs was born. Ricky Tuck and I have been working hard as sponsors to coach the prospective members, and am pleased to say that the Club Charter papers are being completed and will be submitted to TI this week. Charter is near.

It’s not everyday that an International President visit a club, and we are very grateful to Jim Kokochi, for making this day such a special day for us all.

Jim inspired us with his keynote, and said “to be good at public speaking we need three things: Skills, practice and feedback” and I said “I like that and will use it if I may”

A picture paints a thousand words, and below you’ll see, the fine people who celebrated the event with us.

Metro Trains - Jim Kokochi Visit

An awesome meeting, and one to long remember.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

A memory from 2013 – May 19 – Journal Day 140

How fortunate am I to have the life I have; the many dear friends I have; And the beautiful family I have… and as I sit at my computer right now reflecting on all we achieved together today and over the weekend, I’m in a place of perfect calm and happiness, and feel very blessed.

Today I spent hours in the garden again, and felt at one with nature. The tranquillity was priceless, and apart from the sounds of music and audios from my IPod, my senses were heightened by the sight, smells and touch of our beautiful Camellia bushes, fuchsias, Golden Elms and flowering cherry trees as I trimmed them; by the rustle of leaves under the rake, and the groaning of the old timber fences as I pushed and heaved them back into place to allow the old gate to swing gently on its hinges.

Neighbours were walking their dogs, and Rose brought Jasper-her King Charles Spaniel- over to spend a little time with Nessa. Two young ladies from down the street also stopped by, to ask if I’d seen a couple of Beagle pups, who had escaped from their house, so I downed tools, and helped them search. We found them sniffing in the park across the way, much to the delight of anxious owners.

David, another friendly neighbour stopped by to admire my handy work, and we chatted about the never ending maintenance of home ownership, and while all this was going on, Nancy was wall-papering in Oscar’s now very modern bathroom.

Oscar was happily watching the AFL on his 55” HD Television, and glancing occasionally out of the window, to smile and give me the ‘thumbs up’.
It’s lovely to be loved, and my family show it in oh so many ways.

Unbeknowns to me, Nancy had had been busy also with a surprise for me, and when she called me in at 3.20 pm, there on the dinner table was a lamb roast with the sweetest pumpkin, Brocollini, Roast potatoes, and Cauliflower. What a delight. The lamb was succulent and the vegetables were divine. Oscar was licking his lips and rubbing his tummy and the smile was worth a thousand words. We all tucked in, and devoured the meal with gusto. Not only is Nancy beautiful, caring and a marvellous homemaker; she is a wonderful cook, and Oscar and I can’t get enough of her excellent cuisine.

After the meal I made a dessert of Tropical fresh fruits and Peppermint Ice-cream, which was to die for.


Next I switched on the TV to watch my team St. Kilda be ingloriously thrashed by the Adelaide Crows. Ah Well, there has to be some down side sometimes.
Later I checked posts on Fb, and had a good and interesting chat with Ian, a great TM mate. Thank you Ian.
All in all it’s been a superb day, and I’m delighted.