The SPA Philosophy – Two

The SPA Philosophy (Socrates,Plato and Aristotle). Part 2

The Greeks on Virtue

According to Aristotle-He was Plato’s pupil- as to other Greek thinkers, being a good person and knowing right from wrong, is not primarily a matter of understanding and applying certain morals and Principles. Rather, it is a question of being or becoming the kind of person who, by acquiring wisdom through proper practice and training, will habitually behave in appropriate ways in the appropriate circumstances. In short, having the right kind of character and dispositions, natural and acquired, issues in the right kind of behaviour.

The dispositions in question are virtues.

From ’50 Philosophy ideas – you really need to know’ by Ben Dupre

My Greek & Roman SPA (Socrates, Plato & Aristotle)

In the workshops I run, on Memory Magic I like to use Mnemonics to help participants to hook ideas.

Mnemosyne was the Greek Goddess of Memory, and one of the ways I teach is to use Memory palaces, first used by Simonides. As a speaker and workshop presenter, memory is very important to me.

I also like philosophy, particularly my SPA Philosophy  and study it frequently. Here is a short passage you might ponder.


Nearly everyone at some time faces the question. What constitutes the good life? Some answer that the good in life is pleasure, others that it is observance of duties and obligations, still others that it is obedience to divine commands. Against all these Socrates had contended that what makes our life good is just being a good person–a virtuous person. Plato agreed though he struggles to find a convincing justification for the idea.

Excerpt from ‘Coffee With Plato’ by Donald R. Moor

Saturday turns into Sunday

Up early at 6.30 am for a A Big Saturday and early Sunday morning. I attended Toastmasters District 73 Leadership meeting, then District Exec. Meeting, and was good to catch up with all the team. Such Enthusiasm is heartwarming stuff.

Later a couple of light ales at the Limerick Arms, with fun, fast food and frivolity, before farewelling friends from Vic and South Australia. A smooth drive home, picking up Fish and Chips on the way, and lovely to get home at 8.00 pm, and be in the warm comfort of my two lovely ladies, Nancy and Nessa.

Oscar was out with friends, so a little TV, computer work and a cat nap. A premonition told me not to go to bed too early, and just as well for at 12.40 am Sunday, the phone rang and it was my #1 Son, asking to be picked up in Mornington.

Now I’m home again and it’s 1.41 am. So endeth another fabulous 19 hour chapter in the kingdom of David. A marvellous time in a wonderful life.