Sitting, Dreaming and Marvelling At It All.

Each morning when I wake, I cheerily greet my family, grab a cup of coffee and my tablet then go out on to the balcony and sit with our beautiful and loyal dog at my feet, as I look up to the clouds then down to my tablet and catch up with friends here and around the world.

Today (Thursday)  it was news from my dear school friend, Ange in Chester, reminding me of where we once played, studied and socialised with each other at St. Bede’s, and after leaving school, worked and socialised in that marvellous City.. Our whole class of ’55 were a terrific group who have kept in touch all these years. Reading their news and one sad note of our friend Stephan who had sadly passed, carried me back to a time in  when we were all so optimistic about the future.

Now 59 years later, with the often horrendous news stories that fill our media, I wonder about the madness of some who would destroy the peace our fathers fought so hard for.

I can think about the past though I can’t dwell there and I can think about the future and make plans; the best and happiest times though are when I’m aware, fully in the moment, and savouring this moment marvelling at the life I lead, the man I am, the family and friends I have, and the wonder of it all.

It’s at times like these that I am reminded of Albert Einsteins Quote:

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough

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