Marvellous Melbourne

There are so many delightful things to do in Melbourne and on a sunny day there is nothing better than to meet a good friend and enjoy lunch at Federation Square and then take a tram ride to Albert Park.

Such was the way I spent a delightful few hours on a sparkling Friday, with young Jerry my Chinese Toastmaster friend.

We shared a splendid meal of curried chicken and rice with Naan Bread  and a large plate of Nachos served beautifully with guacamole, yoghurt and Jalapenos, and digested it more easily with a couple of glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, a cocktail and a couple of litres of cool water to rehydrate us in the heat of the midday sun, as we chatted excitedly amidst the cacophonous sound of hundred’s, perhaps thousands of local, national and international visitors who gathered at this favourite venue taking in the wondrous scenes, sights and sounds of this vibrant city.

Later a tram ride to Bridport Road in Albert Park  renowned for it’s cafe culture and some of the finest coffee available in our Capital City.

Another Splendid day in a splendid life.



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