Turn The Radio On

What a brilliant and productive day I enjoyed today.

My Toastmasters Club VPPR-Simon-organised for me to appear at our local Radio Station FM 98.7 RPP to speak about Toastmasters International and the Inaugural Table Topicathon we are having at Frankston Foreshore for members, members families and guests on Wednesday Evening 21st January.

I was out of bed at 5.30 am, for an hour of preparation and contemplation which is my usual morning routine,  before driving to Mornington and the Radio Studio. It was a lot of fun and Debra and Mitchell, my hosts were bright, bubbly and fun to be with.

At home by 9.00 am and breakfast with my lovely, before donning my work clothes to spend an idyllic 4 hours in our garden, accompanied by Nessa our dog, who loves to play ball at every opportunity.

Later I spent some time online with global friends as we discussed, debated and debunked some myths about rules and conventions surrounding the do’s and don’ts of Toastmaster practices, processes and procedures.

A pleasant surprise of my day was to receive my first fee from a monthly consultancy service I’m providing to a large organisation here in Melbourne for the next 12 months. When you can be paid for doing what you love, life is very good.

Another day, another joy, and another myriad of magical moments.

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